English teacher earn more in Japan in English!

Join the ROBBO robotics clubs franchise and make money by doing what you love!
* 150+ clubs and 470+ schools in 30 countries
* Investments starting from 2,500,000 yen
* ROI from 12 to 18 months
* We produce our own equipment
* Methodology and curriculum in English

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START your business in English in JAPAN!!

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Are you an English teacher now?

If you speak English and live in JAPAN. There’s opportunity to start your own business as our Franchisee! ROBBO JAPAN can help your business!

ROBBO CLUB JAPAN is a CLUB for children to teach ROBOTICS in English.

ROBBO CLUB is a worldwide robotics club for children and at ROBBO CLUB JAPAN, students study programming, 3D modeling, electronic circuit design or so in English. We have great learning system for teachers, so you can be a ROBBO teacher in one week. After that, you can earn money as a robotics English teacher/owner!

If you can’t speak Japanese well, still you can earn more money in Japan not as just a English teacher!

At ROBBO CLUB JAPAN, you can teach in English, but as you know, many Japanese can’t understand English well, so you have to hire Japanese assistant who can understand English. It’s not so difficult to find Japanese assistant in Japan.


Figures and Facts about us

1.Reliable Product

  • ROBBO CLUB - winner of the Next-Gen School Solution by EdTech Breakthrough Awards in 2021 ROBBO curriculum was developed by the Helsinlki University Methodological Center Innokas
  • ROBBO equipment was produced for kids and has all necessary quality certificates
  • The equipment and curriculum are used in 470 schools around the globe and the number of schools at the ROBBO network is growing
  • Winner of business contests for startups: FINLANDING contest and FUKUOKA City Award

2.Advanced technologies

  • Systematic approach to teaching
  • Original study curriculum
  • Teacher qualification assessment and children knowledge evaluation
  • Registered trademark
  • Management expertise

What is ROBBO Club

ROBBO Club - is not just a business for money. It's education for future engineers, programmers, 3D experts. Here kids create their own robots, mobile apps and video games: they're changing the world right now.

However, it's not just a hobby. Using our business model you will get a positive ROI within 12-18 months. We implement different class formats and education process continues throughout the year. That is why ROBBO CLUB is a business that does not depend on the season.

ROBBO CLUB franchise provides an easy accessto the growing market of IT education for children and teenagers. It is not for everyone. However, those who love robots and technologies, those who want to make a contribution to science ? will get pleasure and make money doing what they love.

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ROBBO CLUB generates profit if you take it seriously

There are several business models with different approaches to minimize costs and with various formats of launching the ROBBO CLUB from scratch. They are suitable for the cities with the population of 20 000 people or more. Most importantly ? ROBBO CLUB is a fully-fledged supplementary education, like school education, and therefore it is much more profitable than any club.

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Motherboard with transmitters and coding sensors packed in a firm transparent cartridge. Students can see the content and they will be able to study the microelectronic circuit without losing all the parts. It is meant to program computer communication with external devices. It can also be used as a joystick.


A wheel-based system that allows to secure extra modules and sensors on it. Robot kit is controlled by the smartphone, computer or ROBBO Lab. This is a free hardware, the projects's site has all the necessary schemes, booklets, list of parts, instructions, so that anyone could build a robot and learn to control it within an hour.


A compact tool for teaching 3D-prototyping and 3D printing with an instruction manual and a software. It will bring any idea to life. The kids will draw a model and the 3D-printer will turn it to a real 3D object made of plastic. Instead of drawing, you can choose a sample, but bear in mind that the printing size has to be 170х100х100 mm.


【Before open】

・Teacher training ・Recruiting Japanese assistant support ・Attracting customers support ・Open your class page on our website ・Advertisement support

【After open】

・1st trial lesson support ・Online support


Q1. Weekend only class is OK?
It's OK to start small!
Q2. Can I open the class in rental space?
It's OK. You can use rental space or your house if the room has enough space.
Q3. Can you help me to attract customers?
Yes, we can. we can provide Japanese flyer or so.
Q4. How can I find Japanese assistant?
You can try Indeed and we can help it.

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